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How does it work?

matchmore is a cloud service providing developers of context-aware mobile applications, typically relying on multiple connected objects, with tools allowing them to save time when developing, to go global when deploying and to control their costs when growing.


Start with your project

If you already have a project in which you would like to include our technology, have a look at our SDKs. They also contain a template project to help you get started as quickly as possible:

 iOS  Android  Javascript  Unity

Start from a demo application

Our demo application has been designed to give you a quick starting point and to help you understanding how to use matchmore showcasing a real use-case:

 iOS  Android


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Registering is free and quick, you can also explore the full range of our system and create your own prototypes with our free sandbox plan!

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Explore the documentation

The documentation will help you to get started and to understand our technology.

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